At LEMONADE, we celebrate the joy of fine food served fast. Our playful, vegetable-centric menu draws from a variety of global influences and changes with the seasons several times per year. Our dishes stress simple preparations with big flavor, and are a perfect fit for today’s on-the-go lifestyle and perceptive palate.

LEMONADE caters to people looking for a quick lunch or a healthy grab-and-go dinner for the family. We believe good food is in the taste buds of the beholder and a mouthwatering, quality meal is for everyone. We put emphasis on convenience, flexibility, and affordability.

The menu at LEMONADE is as creative and diverse as California itself. Our Marketplace Vegetables, unique sandwiches, and slow-simmered braises taste as though every region in the State stirred a bit into the pot — and there is no better window into a culture than through its food.  There's an innate, relaxed, and open way people on the West Coast communicate, travel, and eat.

At LEMONADE, we encourage you to choose-your-own-adventure for lunch or dinner.  The heart and soul of our chef-driven seasonal menu is our Marketplace Vegetables, with nearly 20 options that are designed to mix-and-match, which allows for plenty of choices so you never get bored.  Committed to welcoming the varied needs of today’s modern diners, Lemonade offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, as well as a range of distinctive slow-cooked meats, artisan sandwiches, desserts, and of course, thirst-quenching lemonades—six seasonal flavors daily.

Eat a Rainbow Everyday! At LEMONADE we believe eating your vegetables shouldn't feel like punishment. Right from the start - our Marketplace Vegetables are a feast for the eyes!  Our focus on seasonal ingredients is most evident here and we love showcasing the abundance of seasonal vegetables and fruits in a fun creative way.  Our mission is to offer a delicious and health-conscious alternative to cheap food on the run eaten out of your car and a true sit-down meal without pretense.

It wouldn’t be California without the sugar on top. Eating healthy sprinkled with a bit of sweet indulgence is a perfect balance! Decadent desserts include tiny red-velvet cupcakes, giant oatmeal raisin cookies, and refreshing lemonade spiked with ginger and mint.

With 27 locations throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Orange County, San Diego, and most recently the Bay Area, Lemonade offers catering, boxed lunches, and delivery.

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