Eating Right: Menu Options for Your New Year’s Resolution

If your resolution this New Years involves weight loss, healthy eating, or moving to include more diversity in your diet, you need to know how Lemonade’s unique seasonal menu has brought more options to your L.A. lunch menu. Since all our food is made with fresh ingredients, recipes rotate as the available seasonal food changes. The result is fresher food, more menu diversity, and an ever-changing selection that never gets old.

Great Menu Options Throughout the Year

Our choices represent some of the most inventive health food you’ll find in southern California. Past and current selections include:
• Honey Roasted Carrots
• New Mexican Chili Roasted Butternut Squash
• Backyard BBQ Brisket Bowl
• Mango Chicken Bowl
• Salmon poke
• Spicy Ahi tuna
• Tomato & Mozzarella sandwich
Of course, our menu also includes a wide range of healthier dessert options, such as our Vegan, Gluten-Free S’Mores Brownie and our signature cold-pressed lemonade.

Do Right by Your Diet

It can be difficult to get excited about eating healthy, but it helps to have food with bold flavors that really engage your palate. Too many healthy meals miss out on the importance of seasoning and of diverse flavors across the components of the dish. When you plan ahead to provide yourself with diversity in your selections and flavors you already know you love, healthy eating gets that much more excited.

Check out our seasonal menu for more information about our current selections and remember that we deliver! Plus, we cater events of all sizes. Call in an order for your event or get together with the entire office to get lunch in as a special treat, and then give us a call.