Try Our New Fusion Beverages At Lemonade!

At Lemonade, we’re proud to offer a wide-ranging menu of wholesome, nutritious, and downright delicious food – but some (some, not all!) would argue that the best thing on our menu is our namesake: our undeniably yummy, Cold-Pressed Lemonades. And hey, while we stand by everything on our seasonal menus, we’re pretty darn proud of our lemonade. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new spin on the classic lemonade flavors you’ve come to love us for: Lemonade Fusions!

Try Our Mouthwatering Lemonade Fusions

Our new Lemonade Fusions bring a whole new dimension of flavor to our classic line of flavored lemonades. We’ve taken everything you love about our traditional lemonades and added options to turn the flavor knob up to 11 – and if you’ve liked our lemonade in the past, we’re pretty sure you’ll love our Fusions.

So what’s on the menu? For one of our new beverages, we created a new line of lemonades that pack the same incredible flavor, but with 30% less sugar. That’s right: our new Skinny Lemonade T’s combine our classic lemonade with Butterfly Flower Tea or Hibiscus Flower Tea to craft a startlingly delicious beverage with 30% less sugar! It’s the perfect feel-good drink for summer.

We’re also excited to bring a whole new type of beverage to the Lemonade lineup: Fruity Yogurt Smoothies! We’ve created a delicious assortment of yogurt smoothies infused with our cold-pressed lemonade, turning this beverage into a bonafide dessert or pick-me-up that you can still feel great about. And finally, we’ve cooked up a brand new type of beverage that we’re calling FROZade. It packs all the delicious flavor of our cold-pressed lemonade, but in a refreshing, frozen beverage. You can enjoy it for day!

Oh, and did we mention that you can top any of our lemonade Fusions off with our brand new blueberry boba? That’s right – you can try any of our Skinny T’s, Fruity Yogurt Smoothies, FROZades, or Cold-Pressed Lemonade with delicious, popping blueberry boba. It’s truly a match made in heaven!

Try Our Lemonade Fusions Today!

We’re beyond excited to roll out our new line of Fusion beverages, just in time for summer. Ready to get your hands on the goodness? We can’t wait for you to try it. Learn more about our Lemonade Fusions, then order online or roll on down to your neighborhood Lemonade to try them today. Happy sipping!