Mango Chicken Bowls Now At Lemonade!

Our new Mango Chicken Bowl is now available at all Lemonade locations and is the perfect offering for those who crave a hearty, healthy meal on the go. We spoke with Emilio, our Culinary Director at Lemonade, to get the squeeze on what goes into our Mango Chicken Bowls. Emilio told us the concept behind the bowl was to create an all-inclusive meal that is comforting, healthy, simple, and easy to enjoy!

An Inside Look: Mango Chicken Bowl

Our bowls are made of four key components: Oven Roasted Mango Chicken, Seasonal Vegetables, Sauteed Kale, and Warm Seasoned Rice. When you take a bite, the first taste you’ll experience is the unique,  tangy mango sauce. The sauce is Asian-inspired and contains perfectly balanced yin and yang of sweet and salty flavors, which we anticipate you’ll love at first bite.

Juicy Mango Chicken

Our chicken is specially prepared and adds another dimension to the dish, which keeps the meat extra juicy. All our chicken has been sous-vide, which is a cooking process that cooks the meat evenly and ultimately retains moisture. Then our chicken is coated with our sauce and roasted in the oven that gives our chicken a golden glaze.

Balanced Bowl: Seasonal Veggies

On your next bite, you’ll experience unique texture from our vegetables. Our vegetables sauteed at high heat with a light amount of oil, which gives the brussels sprouts a soft, yet charred and crispy texture. The kale is cooked similarly, sauteed on high heat, charred, and braised, which adds character and crunch to the bowl.  Altogether, the bowl is served on top of Warm Seasoned Rice, which completes the base layer of the dish for a fuller meal.

Mango Chicken is Great On the Go

All  Mango Chicken Bowls are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and provides a balanced meal. It’s a quick, convenient, healthy, and delicious lunch or dinner option when you’re on the go and is sure to satisfy hearty cravings.

Try Our New Mango Chicken Bowl Today

Does our new Mango Chicken Bowl make your mouth water? Find the Lemonade location near you and come try the bowl for yourself. Plus if you’re on the go, you can even order online to save time.